PROPEL (Propelling the potential of Enterprise Linked Data in Austria) will survey technological challenges, entrepreneurial opportunities, and open research questions on the use of Linked Data in a business context. Shifting away from a predominantly academic perspective and an exclusive focus on open data, we conceive Linked Data as an emerging key disruptive technology for enterprise data management. The project will lay the foundations for successful Enterprise Linked Data product and service development by gauging industry requirements and innovation potential.

Linked Widget Framework

Linked Widgets Framework enables knowledge workers to create and adapt individual Linked Data applications based on interconnected and context-aware widgets in a user friendly environment without worrying about technical challenges of Linked data consumption.

Open Data Mashup Tool

The Open Data Mashup project (available at explores new approaches for Linked Data integration. The tools developed allow knowledge workers to easily explore and consume Linked Data. The widgets currently available already provide access to Linked Data from the City of Vienna’s LD repository and can easily be combined with widgets for non-LD resources (such as City bike availability data, environmental data streams etc.) to create innovative semantic applications.

Widget Generation Tool

Based on the idea of Linked Data, which aims to connect and reuse data rather than storing it in isolated silos, we propose a novel approach to provide end users with efficient mechanisms to analyze, combine, remix, visualize, and make sense of statistical dataset available via SPARQL endpoints using the RDF Data Cube Vocabulary. We model and expose each dataset of a source as a statistical widget with five salient characteristics: (i) effective querying, (ii) standard format, (iii) automatic chart generation, (iv) openness, and (v) linkage.

Vienna Linked Open Data

Availability of linked open data is a major requirement for the realization of a global Semantic Web vision. Initiatives like DBPedia and the W3C Linking Open Data community project catalyzed the expansion of linked open data on the web. Principles were established to ensure data quality and usefulness of published data. A wide variety of data sources is already included in the linked open data cloud.